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Mobile Engineer, Android - Remote Opportunities

Mobile Engineer, Android - Remote Opportunities

Req ID:  3222
Department:  THQ - ANZx ABT Program AU (30110519)
Division:  Group Technology (T77000)
Job Family:  Engineering

About the role

At ANZx our purpose is to shape a world where people and communities thrive. We’re making this happen by improving our customers’ financial wellbeing so they can achieve incredible things – be it buying their home, building a business or saving for things big or small. As an Engineer you will be responsible for building innovative mobile apps for our end users, using best-of-breed network technologies, and modern software development practices. 

The mobile engineering team's mission is to provide the best mobile software for customers to help them manage their money and save. To achieve this, we've gone back to first principles when thinking _'how to write mobile apps’ and come to have weakly held but strong opinions on the best way to do things. 

What will your day look like

As an Engineer in the mobile team, you will be given autonomy and ability to have ownership over the work that is being delivered. You'll be working alongside other key parts of the business such as design and product to ensure that what is being built is kept to a high standard. We endeavour to provide our users with a best-in-industry native mobile app. 


The mobile team is your 'home', and you will be seconded to various feature squads to help them deliver the value that they are focused on. Balancing feature tasks, tech tasks, and whatever else you may be interested in doing, will be a core part of your day. You are empowered to spend your time on whatever delivers the most value, and address issues you may find on your adventures.  


We place a high value on strong communication between mobile engineers and breaking down silos. Codebase health and consistency are at the core of our goals to consistently deliver amazing experiences to our users and maintain a project that will shine for years to come.  

The app is ripe with new and interesting technology. Coroutines and Flows are used extensively throughout the codebase, with gRPC being at the core of our network stack. We are diving head-first into Jetpack Compose adoption with all new UI being created in it, with strong emphasis on migrating traditional Android views in the near future. 

You'll be working day to day with a helpful, inclusive team, that comes together to support you and make sure everybody succeeds together. New ideas and perspectives are always valued, and we place a strong premium on acknowledging great work. We all want to help each other to become the best engineers we can be. 

What will you bring?

Previous experience with the below points are important: 

  • Software architecture patterns and principles. (e.g. MVVM/CLEAN/SOLID) 
  • You are a champion of native mobile apps, providing amazing experiences, and leveraging native capabilities. (e.g. Responsive, performant, and accessible UIs) 
  • Android Studio, Gradle, Kotlin, Coroutines/Flow, Room. 
  • Unit testing best practices. 
  • Security principles, best practices, and APIs. 

These are not required. What we're looking for are people who have strong opinions that are weakly held. If there are any areas where you do not have the experience, the team is there to support you and help you develop. 

What we want from our engineers is to bring passion, and a drive to continually improve and grow with the team. You will need to bring strong communication skills, as that is at the core of what we do as a growing team. We want to be the best engineering team, and to do that we rely on hiring the best people. 


So, why join us?

We are flexible and remote focused. We encourage all team members to put their families first. You will be empowered to work the way, and the hours, which work best in your unique circumstances. If you are based in the area of an ANZ office, you are welcome to use it and attend with other team members around you. This is not required, but able to be used as suits you. We will consider applications from across Australia and New Zealand. 

Work in an inclusive workplace where we value the different backgrounds, perspectives and life experiences of our people. 

Develop your career and thrive amongst the incredible talent that ANZx has. We are all about doing the right thing and doing the thing right. We are delivering industry-leading ideas and software. 

Got further questions? Organise a time to talk direct to our engineers! 

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